I am 11 year old Anita Mathurin from the picturesque community of Laborie. I am currently a Grade 6 student of the Laborie RC Girls’ Primary School. I am a hard working, energetic, outspoken and jovial young lady. 💃 From a tender age, I have been involved in many community groups or organizations which I believe has groomed me to be the person that I am today. I am presently a member of the Caribbean Grains Laborie Steel pan and Girl Guides. And that is not all! I am an entrepreneur. My business, Anita’s Specialties, presently includes the sale of corndog bites and donuts. I am working towards providing more goods and services to my customers, as I continue to grow. My favorite part of my business is marketing and selling my products to my valued clients. 💃🎉 You are never too young to start your success story!!! This is simply what I need to share with other youth. Find your passion, work on it, perfect it and get moving!! #AnitaMathurin #WildCrushWednesday #YouAreNeverTooYoung #AnitasSpecialties #Entrepreneur #BusinessMinded

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My name is Merlic Harper and I am eight years old. I was born in the town of Vieux-Fort. I now live in the village of Laborie and attend the Laborie Boys’ Primary School. Everyone in Laborie calls me Harper because it was easier for me to pronounce.. I am ambitious, friendly, curious and always eager to learn. At the tender age of five I became interested in ways to earn my own money, since I reliased that with money I would be able to buy things. So I would ask mummy and daddy about different things I could do. I would always ask mummy and daddy to buy or do things for me to sell. My first venture was selling goose berry jams. It was quite exciting going around selling. I would also pick (fruit) locally known as mewees from the tree in the yard for the neighbors who would pay me. My dream is to be a millionaire by age 20. When i say this my mother always reminds me that I must also do well in school to achieve this. I also want to have my own business so that I could provide jobs for older brothers. “If you dream it you can achieve it”.

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Marketing & Promotion / Small Business Incubator
Small enterprises usually start with a bang. Owners have dreamed up a useful product or service that they are proud and passionate about and harbor no doubts of its success. But soon reality sets in; they realize that just the production side of the business exhausts their mental, physical, and financial  resources. Yet they are not even able to produce at the minimumrequired volume for the operation to be viable, which more often than not calls for improved processes, investment in additional equipment and the introduction of more advance technology. 
However, the challenges they face don’t stop there. As most established businesses know, in a world of competition, being able to produce a quality commodity in sufficient quantities is just the start of the game. Success will also depend or may depend even more on how well the product is branded, packaged, promoted, and marketed; activities that require a different set of skills than what it took to dream up and create the product or service.

This is where MSOLE enters the picture. The company partners with small and start up businesses with goods or services with upside potential and helps remove the bottlenecks or constraints that stifle their growth, thus ensuring their viability and sustainability.


  • Castries, Saint Lucia